Local organisations feel the love with extra cash care of charitable trust

  • 4 November 2021

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Over 70 groups have received a grant from Network Tasman Charitable Trust, with the trust announcing they want to help more local organisations.

Network Tasman Charitable Trust recently announced they had distributed $156,449 worth of grants to 77 local community organisations in 2021.

Chairperson Gwenny Davis said the trust wanted to give more grants out to local groups, due to the fact that at the moment there was less community funding available than had existed previously.

If more people applied they could give out more grants, she said.

Motueka Riding for the Disabled (RDA), Empowerment Trust National, and Nelson District Free Kindergarten Association were three of the groups that received a grant.

Motueka RDA grants administrator Sarah Thompson said the $2000 grant they received allowed three family groups 10 sessions of horse riding therapy each during the school term.

“It’s a game changer; it really makes a massive difference to these families’ lives. We can really see the magic happen here.’

Empowerment Trust National executive director Fiona Bryan said the $1000 grant it received will support four early childhood centres in the Tasman District.

“The grant will help us support local communities in need who may not otherwise be able to access our services,” Bryan said.

Each year, Network Tasman Charitable Trust allocated up to $200, 000 in grants and scholarships to local groups and individuals within Network Tasman’s distribution area.

The main categories of groups were social support services, sport and recreation, education, art and culture, and environment and energy-saving.

Davis said that the trust had given grants to a “terrific” variety of organisations this year.

The number of grants gifted this year had increased from 57 to 77, and Davis said she was pleased the trust could do more to support community organisations.

“The grant recipients do important mahi in our region, often supporting those in their community not only to survive, but to thrive.”

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