Learn about little penguins/Korora

  • 19 April 2023

See originial article, page 6, via: The Guardian online

The Tasman Bay Trust Blue Penguin has produced an information leaflet about little penguins/korora with the aim to increase awareness and knowledge about these protected native species.

The DOC conservation status for little penguins is "at risk declining", making conservation efforts particularly important to ensure their local habitat around Tasman Bay remains
as penguin-friendly as possible.

The leaflet includes fast facts about little penguins and their life cycle, information about the conservation activities of the Trust, what locals and visitors can do to help ensure penguin safety, helpline contact details etc. It is available to local schools who may want to include it in conservation conversations with students, community groups, conservation organisations etc.

"We are very mindful that penguins are not top of mind for most people visiting our local beaches," says Linda Jenkins, Trustee. "They're not visible during the day when they are ashore so it's easy to be unaware of their presence and inadvertently disturb them. The purpose of the leaflet is to help raise awareness and overall knowledge of little penguins and the challenges they face around our local bays and beaches."

The Trust gratefully acknowledges and thanks the Network Tasman Trust and Department of Conservation for their support.

Photo credit – Ruth Bollongino www.fernphotos.com


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